18 Jan 2021

2020 - The Year Of Tough Circumstances, Innovation And Digitalization

Circumstances, Innovation And Digitalization I want to take this opportunity to wish all here a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2021 and express my gratitude for staying with us through the highs and lows of 2020. There have been good days and bad days in the last 12 months. I cannot help but ask myself: How does one comprehend the events of 2020? What will we look back and remember? What did we learn? At first thought, I want to be positive and focus on the joyous moments, but it would be naive to ignore the events that might not be as easy to think about.

15 Jan 2021

Digital Innovation – The Driver Of Fintech’s Future

Relegated to support functions only a few years ago, fintech has now become the driving force behind the growth of the banking and financial services industry. Startups are emerging, creating new technologies that hold the potential of transforming the financial world. Banking and financial services companies are immersing themselves in technology to enhance their operational efficiency and boost agility so that they could retain their existing customers and woo new ones. They want to use technology to get deeper insights into customer needs and preferences to stay ahead of the curve. Innovative new technologies will be the driver of the financial services industry, and we are set to see the signs in 2021.

31 Dec 2020

How Fund Managers Can Manage Different Fees Requirements Of Investors With One Masters Account?

Ever since its launch in 2005, Meta Trader 4, widely called MT4, has been used by forex traders and fund managers to manage multiple accounts of their customers. The norm has been to install multiple MT4 platforms on a single computer and log in to different accounts at the same time. They can run four to six platforms at a single time from a single PC. This is what fund managers and traders use to get a clear view of the forex market, their holdings, and the overall trends. Given that it’s a legacy product, the architecture, user interface, and workflows tend to reflect the earlier days of software products. But over the years, fund managers have understood how to customize the charts and indicators according to their preference. So much so, that MT4 has become the “go-to” option for forex traders and trading houses. In fact, despite MT5 being introduced in the market, fund managers and trading houses have stuck to using MT4. No one likes to change, and now that traders and fund managers have learned to find their way into and around MT4, they are reluctant to move on to options unless there is the promise of a dramatic jump in benefits.

12 Dec 2020

Digitalization Accelerated: Why Integrated Solutions Are the Way Forward for Financial Services?

In today’s competitive market, the financial services industry has had to ramp up its initiatives to provide elevated customer experiences to drive customer satisfaction. Technology has been a great enabler of this journey so far. However, as technology evolution continues at a rapid pace, we find siloed legacy systems impeding the speed and dexterity with which financial services can respond to changing customer demands and rising competition.

30 Nov 2020

What a "next-gen" Managed Accounts platform for brokers and fund houses looks like?

The most significant transfer of wealth in the history of humans has begun. According to Accenture, the succeeding three decades are predicted to witness a transfer of $30 trillion in assets from one generation to the next in the US alone, and worldwide the figures are also staggering. In our 24*7 connected digital age, this new generation of investors will assess wealth creation opportunities through vastly different eyes. The prevailing ways of doing things are unlikely to cut it for much longer.

25 Nov 2020

Can A Modern Social Trading Platform Help You Beat The Competition?

Wealth management has undergone significant changes over the past couple of decades. Ever since electronic trading began in the 1960s there have been several breakthrough technological innovations. Technology has made investing in the markets and in funds a mainstream activity rather than remaining a complex maze of numbers that only a few folks understood.

30 Oct 2020

Why and How to Prevent Your Fund Manager's Trading Strategies from Being Copied

Forex trading fund managers are professionals who handle not only customers’ money but also trade for their own organizations. They have proven success rates and are experts in their fields. Forex fund managers are the perfect associates for people who are interested in making money from the Forex market but don’t have the necessary expert knowledge about Forex trading. Fund managers can thus take money from these people and trade on their behalf. This helps compensate for their lack of knowledge while earning them a passive income.

25 Sep 2020

Digital disruption for Forex Managed Accounts

A client relationship manager in a financial services company usually deals with high net worth individuals. In that position, the client relationship manager is responsible for new business, retention of assets, asset growth, and customer satisfaction for all the customers in the assigned territory. The goal of the best client managers is to build a culture of relationships based on trust and value. When clients build such a relationship based on trust, they are more likely to stay attached to the same business even if a competitor offers services at a lower price.

16 Sep 2020

What the Client Relationship Manager in a Financial Services Company Wants from a Digital Platform

A client relationship manager in a financial services company usually deals with high net worth individuals. In that position, the client relationship manager is responsible for new business, retention of assets, asset growth, and customer satisfaction for all the customers in the assigned territory. The goal of the best client managers is to build a culture of relationships based on trust and value. When clients build such a relationship based on trust, they are more likely to stay attached to the same business even if a competitor offers services at a lower price.

09 Sep 2020

The Customer Experience Challenge For Financial Services Companies

In the early 2000’s brand loyalty and customer satisfaction levels for a business were driven purely based on the quality of service or product offered. But today, consumers base their trust on the total buying experience they encounter from a business rather than just the product or service they invest in. In fact, studies show that 86% of consumers will be happy to pay more for a better customer experience. The financial services industry too has learned the importance of customer experience in their business models. This coincides with the rising levels of smartphone penetration and a highly digital savvy consumer base that are re-shaping the way financial transactions are executed and managed.

27 Aug 2020

The Customer Communications Challenge For Financial Services Companies

The financial services sector has seen some of the most radical shifts in customer perception and engagement over the past few years. From physical statements in envelopes and long queues at counters, today nearly any banking and financial task can be done from just a smartphone app by users from anywhere in the world.

11 Aug 2020

How Financial Services Companies Can Set Out On The Digital Transformation Journey

Digital technology has touched down in every industry sector and financial service is no exception. Financial services companies are rapidly adopting technology to open the doors to more customers because the modern customer values a digital presence, as well as the convenience, ushered in by the implementation of digital tools. Several financial services companies are investing heavily in creating a comprehensive digital strategy. Their focus is to enhance the customer experience and also disrupt the conventional means of operations for the better.

29 July 2020

5 Great Ways To Leverage Singapore's Digital Acceleration Grant Scheme

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the global economy badly. It has especially affected small and medium enterprises the most.Governments across the globe are trying to revive the economy by offering support to small and medium enterprises.s

17 July 2020

Digital Transformation for Financial Services Companies – Imperatives and Challenges

As per a recent statement by Antonio Guterres of the United Nations, the economic fallout of the pandemic may reverse the progress made in sustainable development. The global economy has taken a hit and the financial services have felt the pain too. Banking, insurance, and other financial services industries are expected to soldier on to address urgent customer needs. However, it is also necessary for their long term survival to focus on the emerging needs of the future. How to plan for the future while securing the present?

06 July 2020

How Forex Trading Houses Can Effectively Use Contests To Generate Leads And Grow

The millennial earners are actively seeking ways to diversify their income streams- be it with the help of a side hustle or by expanding their investment portfolio. Online trading of shares, as well as asset classes like Forex, has been gaining traction ever since mobile devices and ample internet became easily available.

24 Jun 2020

COVID and Customer Onboarding – What Financial Services Companies Need to Do

COVID-19 brought the world to a standstill. Cities around the globe were completely locked down, essential services organizations experienced pressure like never before while all others struggled to keep themselves afloat. Work from home became the only way to run businesses that could be run through a remote set up. An unfortunate consequence was that customer trust and loyalty became largely irrelevant. Under the circumstances, onboarding new customers was a challenge every business seemed to have faced, but among the worst-hit were financial services products in general and forex trading houses in particular.

09 Jun 2020

How to Win Today When Big Opportunity and Volatility are Common in the Forex Market

Stock markets, futures markets, and economic activity, in general, have run aground since the devastating (COVID-19) outbreak. Industrial activity, from production to supply chain and sales, is suffering without people resources and resource movement. Huge corporations and companies, like Apple are forced to shut their factories based in China and supply chains are disrupted. The expectations are that most of the economies worldwide are set to suffer massive crashes.

25 May 2020

Simple2Trade- 5 Attractions Trading Houses Can Offer To Attract More Customers Into Forex Trading

Forex trading has been consistently garnering the interest of seasoned investors as well as the newbies. The forex trading market has been growing steadily and the recent turn in global markets has made forex trading a hot topic of discussion among investors. In fact, there has been an upsurge in forex trading in the wake of the ‘working from home’ phenomenon. As the number of forex traders rises, new trading platforms emerge making it a competitive market for trading houses. It ultimately boils down to offering the best to the customers to stay ahead in the game.

04 May 2020

How Technology Can Help Drive Trading Strategies As "Business As Usual" Kicks off Again

We are in strange times. The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented event and the world trade is anticipated to fall between 13% and 32% in 2020. The bad news is, the health crisis timeline is fuzzy, and it is almost impossible to define when the world will get back to normalcy.

27 Apr 2020

5 reasons why people trust sovereign currencies over a Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency came into existence in the wake of the last economic crisis with the noble aim of removing the middleman, i.e. central banks, from financial transactions.

26 Mar 2020

Customer Onboarding Challenges Of Forex Trading Houses

Ever since Forex became attractive to retail investors in the late 1990s, the Forex market has grown 2.5x faster than the global GDP. Today, Forex is the largest and most liquid market in the world. Currently, $5.3 trillion are traded every day in the Forex market, with retail investors contributing over $250 billion of the total daily turnover.

13 Mar 2020

5 Things Forex Traders Want From Their Trading Technology Platform

Forex Trading, just like every other industry has rapidly evolved over the last decade. The internet has opened up trading opportunities, unleashing the financial acumen of a large number of individuals and bringing down the entry barrier of trading via conventional means. From individual investors to full-fledged traders, accessing global markets, making real-time decisions, and, more importantly, being abreast of what’s really happening in the market has been streamlined, thanks to the internet.

04 Mar 2020

Role of AI in enhancing the Customer Experience in Forex Trading

Salaried professionals, high-net-worth individuals, and independent investors are looking for ways to maximize the impact of their investments. In that scenario, the forex market is attractive.

20 Feb 2020

The Top Challenges In Forex Trading and How Automation Can Help

Forex trading is among the most lucrative, financially rewarding growth options out there. It is a good place to grow your funds, and, with its 24x7 operations open throughout the year; forex trading provides ample scope and opportunities for savvy traders to trade consistently and successfully

26 Jan 2020

Why Forex Traders Need The Power Of Technology To Succeed Today

With a market that's open 24 hours on weekdays to allow investors across the globe to trade, irrespective of time zones, it's safe to say that forex is the largest and most liquid financial market on a global scale.